Vanesa Tamara Abdala
V. T. Abdala
Plastic artist. Illustrator.

Plastic artist. Illustrator.


About Me

Hi! I am V.T. Abdala, visual artist. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I paint and draw for a living, mainly oriented to illustration and portrait.

My work is mostly figurative, with styles going from realism through symbolism, exploring the visual language that suits each project. I work with traditional techniques (water color, pencil, pastel, oil, mixed, etc.) and also Photoshop for edition, image retouching and photomontage.


Narrative and literary illustration.
Editorial illustration.
Character design.
Background design.
Cover art.
Digital retouching.
Graphic designs.
Page layout.
Web design.

My other selves

Blog: Todas las Riberas (in spanish)
Twitter: @entendimiento (in spanish)
Facebook: V. T. Abdala (in spanish)
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